Water Softener Installation

Residents of cities often face the problem of hard water, which circulates in the water supply systems of residential buildings and industrial buildings. The presence of certain hardness salts (such as magnesium and calcium) in tap water brings a lot of inconveniences. Water softener installation, special equipment that is actively used for domestic and industrial purposes, will help eliminate them.

At the same time, it must be borne in mind that the water softener system installation should be carried out exclusively by a professional with the appropriate knowledge and skills. Only in this case, you can be sure that the installation work will be performed with high quality and take into account all existing norms and rules. URV Projects specialists will be able to help in this situation.

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At URV Projects, we love challenging plumbing projects because they give us an opportunity to innovate and explore unique solutions to meet your specific needs. We can handle all types of plumbing repairs, installations, and replacements conveniently and precisely without creating a mess. 

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From Our Customers

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Tokunbo George
Tokunbo George
I lost a bet with my wife that something would go wrong. Everything went perfectly and I'm shocked 🤯
Eric Chiang
Eric Chiang
Quick response and excellent installation.
Barb Andree
Barb Andree
We had a bit of a challenging toilet exchange situation (it was an old-fashioned water closet type toilet that had started leaking and needed to be replaced). They came out, assessed the situation, went and got different parts due to the specialization of the existing unit, and did a great job installing the new unit. Really pleased with the outcome!
Michael Zhao
Michael Zhao
URV Projects installed a new kitchen faucet and everything went smoothly.
David M
David M
Roman provided great work on a repeated basis. Reliability is a great trait.
KWVector710 / KWS946
KWVector710 / KWS946
Changed the toilet in my house, in less than an hour the job was done, very clean work and respectful.
Babak Fayyaz-Najafi
Babak Fayyaz-Najafi
URV folks were very professional, on time, and knowledgeable, and they solved the issue quickly. They knew what was wrong and how to solve it. Very honest and nice too.
Marina Burkova
Marina Burkova
EBMUD alerted me to an unusually high water usage, which led to concerns about a possible leak. I reached out to URV Projects Plumbing Service for help. Two guys came and promptly identified the spot where problem is. Their quick response and efficient teamwork were crucial in resolving the problem. Thank you to URV Projects Plumbing Service for addressing the leak. I appreciate their professionalism and dedication to service.
Maksim Habets
Maksim Habets
I was thoroughly impressed with the service provided by Maier at URV project plumbing service. In just three hours, he efficiently replaced three toilets, cleaned up after himself, and even disposed of the old toilets. What pleasantly surprised me was that there were no additional charges for the wax ring and the new supply line. I’m recommending hire URV projects plumbing service.

How Water Softeners Work

Before replacing the water softener, it is worth understanding the basic principles of its operation. The basis of the operation of this equipment is a special interaction of ion-exchange resin particles, which act as a filter material, with magnesium and calcium ions, which are contained in standard tap water. It is from their presence that the level of general hardness of water depends. As a result of the interaction of the above particles, the process of water softening occurs. But it should be borne in mind that it cannot be permanent. When the maximum amount of hardness salts accumulate in the apparatus, it needs to be restored. To do this, a special regeneration mode is launched. As a rule, this takes about two hours.

Installing and water softener service has several benefits. In particular, they include the following important points:

  • Prevention of scale formation, which is formed on the inner surface of pipes during their operation
  • Improvement of heat transfer in the system of hot water supply and heating
  • Prevention of occurrence of a limy raid and other types of insoluble deposits; removal of an unpleasant aftertaste
  • The possibility of more rational use of detergents, as well as personal hygiene products without their excessive consumption
  • Absence of allergic reactions that may occur upon contact with hard water.

That is why today the water softener installation service is extremely popular and in-demand among users.

For the process of softening hard water to be carried out taking into account all the rules, and also to be as efficient as possible, the selection and installation of equipment should be carried out exclusively by an experienced specialist. This takes into account several factors, which include the characteristics of water, the required throughput of the apparatus, the desired degree of purification, the possibility supply, and much more.

Turning to URV Projects, you will receive prompt and qualified assistance from professionals. At the selected time, a plumber to install a water softener and perform all the required work as soon as possible. A guarantee is provided for the work carried out.

If you need expert advice, leave your contacts on the site using the feedback form and ask your question. In addition, you can call the contact phone number or send an e-mail with a corresponding request.

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