Shower Valve Installations and Repairs

Plumbing includes a large selection of equipment that requires careful maintenance and regular maintenance. The shower refers to this, so every owner should know how and why the shower valve replacements. This is an elementary, but important element of the shower system. Everyone knows that the water in the shower can be hot or cold, supplied through a faucet or shower, and a special valve is responsible for this change. It is important to monitor its condition to avoid malfunctions or failure of the entire shower system. If there is a problem with switching the water, then needs the shower valve replacements. This process can be done with your own hands if you have special tools in your arsenal. A more reliable repair will be provided by an expert. A professional plumber will quickly select a new valve, install it, and the client will be able to use the shower without any problems.

Advantages of Choosing Us for Your Plumbing Projects

At URV Projects, we love challenging plumbing projects because they give us an opportunity to innovate and explore unique solutions to meet your specific needs. We can handle all types of plumbing repairs, installations, and replacements conveniently and precisely without creating a mess. 

Same-Day Service

Unlike other plumbing companies, we respond quickly to your requests, and our team reaches you within 24 hours to fix your problem.

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Our technicians provide you with upfront pricing after evaluating the problem and service you need. This helps you make an informed decision.

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We provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee because you are our priority. We won’t leave until you’re happy with our service.

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Tokunbo George
Tokunbo George
I lost a bet with my wife that something would go wrong. Everything went perfectly and I'm shocked 🤯
Eric Chiang
Eric Chiang
Quick response and excellent installation.
Barb Andree
Barb Andree
We had a bit of a challenging toilet exchange situation (it was an old-fashioned water closet type toilet that had started leaking and needed to be replaced). They came out, assessed the situation, went and got different parts due to the specialization of the existing unit, and did a great job installing the new unit. Really pleased with the outcome!
Michael Zhao
Michael Zhao
URV Projects installed a new kitchen faucet and everything went smoothly.
David M
David M
Roman provided great work on a repeated basis. Reliability is a great trait.
KWVector710 / KWS946
KWVector710 / KWS946
Changed the toilet in my house, in less than an hour the job was done, very clean work and respectful.
Babak Fayyaz-Najafi
Babak Fayyaz-Najafi
URV folks were very professional, on time, and knowledgeable, and they solved the issue quickly. They knew what was wrong and how to solve it. Very honest and nice too.
Marina Burkova
Marina Burkova
EBMUD alerted me to an unusually high water usage, which led to concerns about a possible leak. I reached out to URV Projects Plumbing Service for help. Two guys came and promptly identified the spot where problem is. Their quick response and efficient teamwork were crucial in resolving the problem. Thank you to URV Projects Plumbing Service for addressing the leak. I appreciate their professionalism and dedication to service.
Maksim Habets
Maksim Habets
I was thoroughly impressed with the service provided by Maier at URV project plumbing service. In just three hours, he efficiently replaced three toilets, cleaned up after himself, and even disposed of the old toilets. What pleasantly surprised me was that there were no additional charges for the wax ring and the new supply line. I’m recommending hire URV projects plumbing service.

Shower Valve Types

Depending on the type of shower system, the types of valves that are suitable for them also vary. The correct shower valve installation is possible by using the same part that is in the shower. To do this, it is recommended to review the instructions or call a specialist to solve the problem. Valve types:
Each of them is suitable for certain types of souls. The main thing is that the replacement of shower valve is carried out in full compliance with the details of the shower system.

Problems with the shower valve are indicated by such problems:

  • Water leakage in the shower;
    insufficient water pressure
  • Poor regulation of water temperature
  • Complete lack of water mode switching

In any of the cases, the valve has ceased to fulfil its main function and now requires local repair or a complete changing shower valve faucet.

You can replace the shower valve yourself, but it is better to call a specialist whose experience will allow you to quickly select the right item and install it with high quality. The step-by-step valve replacement process consists of the following steps:

  • Shut off water access
  • Unscrew the shower to remove the old valve (tools will be needed, it is important not to strip the threads if the parts are tight)
  • Get the valve. It is necessary to remove water and debris in the hole so that the new valve fits neatly into place
  • Inspect the valve site for cracks and other problems. It is possible that the matter is simply in contamination, and not in the breakdown of the valve itself
  • Install the shower elements in their places, connect the water and check the operation of the valve

Help From URV Projects

URV Projects specialists can quickly, efficiently and reliably shower valve repairs. The client leaves a request for a replacement and within a day it will be processed or even completed. The specialist goes to the call, examines the problem, and offers the owner ways to solve it. Detail, its cost and quality are discussed at the stage of preparation for repair. The specialist takes into account the wishes of the client and gives a mandatory guarantee for his services.

Shower valve replacement is quick and easy thanks to the plumbers from URV Projects. Timely replacement will avoid damage to the shower system, leaks and other problems. With the plumbers of the firm, the bathroom and any of its details will be intact and work as reliably as possible.

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