Plumbing Installations

URV Projects specializes in providing plumbing installation services. This process requires not only the qualifications of specialists, but also the appropriate equipment. Not everyone can install plumbing and guarantee its long operation. That is why the company offers to equip a bathroom in any home quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable cost.
The professional look of a specialist will allow the owner to quickly select the appropriate plumbing, calculate the approximate cost of installation services. Further, the decision is up to the client, but the experience of our professionals says that everyone agrees to the services, as they are the most profitable. Installation of plumbing is carried out only after the client agrees on the necessary elements and familiarizes himself with the price list of services. You can pre-discuss the amount of work by phone, but measurements are already carried out at the facility.

Advantages of Choosing Us for Your Plumbing Projects

At URV Projects, we love challenging plumbing projects because they give us an opportunity to innovate and explore unique solutions to meet your specific needs. We can handle all types of plumbing repairs, installations, and replacements conveniently and precisely without creating a mess.

Same-Day Service

Unlike other plumbing companies, we respond quickly to your requests, and our team reaches you within 24 hours to fix your problem.

Upfront Pricing

Our technicians provide you with upfront pricing after evaluating the problem and service you need. This helps you make an informed decision.

100% Satisfaction Guaranted

We provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee because you are our priority. We won’t leave until you’re happy with our service.

From Our Customers

See why our clients have loved working with us and have referred us to their friends and family members!

Tokunbo George
Tokunbo George
I lost a bet with my wife that something would go wrong. Everything went perfectly and I'm shocked 🤯
Eric Chiang
Eric Chiang
Quick response and excellent installation.
Barb Andree
Barb Andree
We had a bit of a challenging toilet exchange situation (it was an old-fashioned water closet type toilet that had started leaking and needed to be replaced). They came out, assessed the situation, went and got different parts due to the specialization of the existing unit, and did a great job installing the new unit. Really pleased with the outcome!
Michael Zhao
Michael Zhao
URV Projects installed a new kitchen faucet and everything went smoothly.
David M
David M
Roman provided great work on a repeated basis. Reliability is a great trait.
KWVector710 / KWS946
KWVector710 / KWS946
Changed the toilet in my house, in less than an hour the job was done, very clean work and respectful.
Babak Fayyaz-Najafi
Babak Fayyaz-Najafi
URV folks were very professional, on time, and knowledgeable, and they solved the issue quickly. They knew what was wrong and how to solve it. Very honest and nice too.
Marina Burkova
Marina Burkova
EBMUD alerted me to an unusually high water usage, which led to concerns about a possible leak. I reached out to URV Projects Plumbing Service for help. Two guys came and promptly identified the spot where problem is. Their quick response and efficient teamwork were crucial in resolving the problem. Thank you to URV Projects Plumbing Service for addressing the leak. I appreciate their professionalism and dedication to service.
Maksim Habets
Maksim Habets
I was thoroughly impressed with the service provided by Maier at URV project plumbing service. In just three hours, he efficiently replaced three toilets, cleaned up after himself, and even disposed of the old toilets. What pleasantly surprised me was that there were no additional charges for the wax ring and the new supply line. I’m recommending hire URV projects plumbing service.

What types of plumbing installation services do we offer?

The company offers plumbing system installation and their components of absolutely any complexity. Specialists can install:

Shower valve
Reverse osmosi s
Shut-off valves

Prices for installation services depend on the amount of work done and the severity of the installation itself. Laying pipes with all the outlets, faucets and sewers is an elementary plumbing installations service for a company. A residential complex or a separate house can use the services of the company’s installers.

Faucets and large plumbing installations are also included in the company’s price list. The cost of installing a toilet, shower, sink and bathtub is different because they have different sizes, the number of pipelines and other nuances.

If plumbing installations requires a long installation, then faucets and their replacement take very little time from a specialist. Any plumbing installation expert can handle the faucet in 5 minutes.

Installing or replacing a shower valve is one of the easiest jobs for the company’s installers. This element is installed as quickly as possible and, if necessary, it can be repaired using special repair kits.

Many people care about the purity of the water in the house, so they install reverse osmosis. This is a piece of equipment with many components and requires proper installation. The company offers plumbing services for the installation of osmosis. For this, a room in the house is selected in which water treatment equipment will not interfere with residents. If necessary, they try to hide osmosis so that it does not cause discomfort, as it has an impressive size. Often osmosis is used not in residential premises, but in commercial facilities. In this case, the price tag for the service is negotiated separately due to the large size of the installation equipment.

The company also provides plumbing installations service for the installation of valves. It is considered to be special equipment for shutting off the flow of water in pipes, tanks, etc. This kind of plumbing installations is used both in everyday life and in enterprises. To properly install the fittings and avoid leaks, it is recommended to use the services of professionals.

Why is it better to contact URV Projects specialists?

Issues of safety and quality of installation of sanitary equipment are extremely important for the client. A local plumber, of course, can help with elementary problems, but professional installation and a guarantee for the work performed from him are incomparable things. If a person wants plumbing and auxiliary equipment to last as long as possible, then it is better to use the services of professionals.

URV Projects specializes in plumbing services. Installation, dismantling, selection of plumbing, elimination of problems with sewerage and much more is offered by the company. The staff of the company is represented by specialists with relevant education and experience. Employees use professional equipment that guarantees fast work without force majeure. Also, the company is distinguished by a quick response to customer requests and loyal prices for such a diverse list of services.

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